About us

Who are you?

We are a group of communists and socialists involved in Dutch labor movements, such as the Socialist Party (SP) and the Federation of Trade Unions (FNV). This is an initiative of Andrew Ammerlaan and Emil Jacobs.

Do you represent the opinion of x, y, z?

No. Andrew Ammerlaan wrote a five part article series on nuclear energy in 2020, which was published on the website of the Communist Platform: communisme.nu. This has lead to some people thinking that the Communist Platform has a strong opinion on nuclear energy, this is not the case. This website was created in order to provide a place for our opinions, and to stimulate discussion on the topic, without immediately representing theĀ  ‘opinion of some organization’.

So you’re open to discussion?

Yes. We use the form of articles. Please contact us if you would like to submit a piece. We do retain the editorial freedom to decide what we publish.