Comrades, we need to talk…

The world is burning, the weather gets more extreme by the day, and the sea levels are rising. Climate goals are set, but specific plans for implementation are missing which is why governments all over the world are far behind their own set timetable. Time is running out and we need action based on rational planning.

Where the right either denies (the extent of) climate change or wants to mitigate its effects via magical thinking of the free market, the left recognizes the urgency of the problem, but lacks any realistic or thought out strategy or plan and, as such, remains at the magical thinking of ‘we want more green’.

As communists and activists on the left we see the basic cause of the current unfolding catastrophe in capitalism; a system that manifests as a cancer that needs to grow forever on a planet with real limits. The dogma of the free market limits us to find real solutions and we are therefore partizans in ending this class society.

Energy is a class issue and we need to look forward to how we’ll solve this question in the future without dogma’s or empty phrases. We see limits in the growth of solar and wind energy solutions and it is time we have a talk about it. Above all, it is time we embrace nuclear power as a serious strategy to get to zero CO2 emissions as soon as possible.

We no longer have the luxury of time for vague ideas and half measures. The choice is either to embrace nuclear energy or accept the unfolding of a sixth mass-extinction wave that is already starting and potentially spells the end of human civilization. Let’s choose for a human future in harmony with the rest of the planet.